Starlight Antique Versailles Pattern Is Your First Choice
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  • December 01, 2017

Starlight Antique Tiles


Starlight Tiles can be many kind of formats and the Versailles Pattern is one of them. Starlight is a very popular limestone building material because it is suitable for wall and floor covering in bathroom. 


Antique Starlight tile has a special look with tumbled surface which presented an antique style. So that people who are love chic style will treat it as first choice when they have a redecoration plan for their house.


Starlight Antique Versailles Pattern Is Your First Choice


Versailles Pattern


Versailles Pattern also call French Pattern, which consisted with a few different sizes of limestone tiles and lends itself to either formal or informal settings. Excelstone advise you choose this kind of Starlight tile model to dress up your master room or bathroom.


The other important point when you buying Versailles Pattern tiles is you should to order about 10% to 15% extra pieces for potential damage and edge pieces.


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