Quick View of Starlight Limestone Polished Tiles
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  • October 31, 2017

Stralight Tiles


Starlight tile is a kind of limestone tiles with grey background. The most beautiful thing is the surface of Starlight tile is shiny like night sky with stars in it. This kind of tiles are perfect as building materials for floors and walls used.


Now, where can we use Starlight tiles? The answer is bathroom and kitchen are the best. But some people may install them anywhere within home, that is also suitable.

Quick View of Starlight Limestone Polished Tiles

Limestone Polished Tiles


Besides, Excelstone suggests that Starlight limestone also suitable for office decoration. Since the polished process, Starlight tiles have a blinking texture on the surface which is fitting for commercial building.


For polished Starlight tiles. Excelstone provided good packing and fast delicery. For more information, please visit Excelstone Limestone Tiles.