Marble Mosaics Can be Street Art
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  • October 31, 2017

Marble Mosaic


Marble mosaic as a kind of material used in bathroom wall or kitchen backsplash. At the same time, marble mosaics can be very artistic in streets. By now in many cities, street mosaics have been appearing which showed by animal, plant, or cartoon images.

Marble Mosaics Can be Street Art



Street Mosaic Art


Excelstone brought you a seahorse street mosaic piece. The piece consisted of dark black and grey mosaics and featured a seahorse image on the road which was lovely and cute. People may spend a few hours to craft this piece of street mosaic work, 8 to 10 hours normally. And the workers must be careful when they are installing polished marble mosaics in street as the same as floor in house.


Besides polished mosaics, honed marble mosaic also very popular among street artists. These two kinds of material are offered in Excelstone tile and mosaic factory. Excelstone is a professional marble mosaic manufacturer with almost 20 years experiences in marble mosaics producing. Any questions you may have about tiles or mosaics, welcome to visit Excelstone official website: