Marble Mosaic Set – Bianco Carrara Random Square
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  • December 27, 2017

Excelstone Marble Mosaic


Marble mosaic has been talking as a kind of building materials for several centuries. Bianco Carrara is the category that people always like it. Not only mosaics but also tiles Bianco Carrara can apply in. But for the interior used, Excelstone, a professional natural marble supplier, will recommend Bianco Carrara marble mosaic.


Bianco Carrara mosaic has ivory background, or as some people may say, white background. That is a product with high adaptability that fits to many decoration styles. Therefore people prefer Bianco Carrara mosaics when they have a new idea for their home.


In Excelstone official website, you can see many different designs of marble mosaic. Random square is a set which including 4 sizes of Bianco Carrara mosaics.

Marble Mosaic Set Bianco Carrara Random Square

Bianco Carrara Random Square Mosaic Set


Bianco Carrara Random Square Polished White Marble Mosaic set has 4 different sizes of mosaic piece, 2.3x2.3cm, 2.3x4.8cm, 4.8x4.8cm, and 7.5x7.5cm. The whole sheet size is 12x12 inch and thickness of each piece is 3/8 inch, which are the same with other Bianco Carrara mosaics.


The random square set is a simple but elegant design, most ladies prepare to apply this marble mosaic set in their new house as floor and wall.