Beautiful Asian White Basketweave Mosaic Set
  • 1922
  • Dahlia at
  • July 15, 2022

Asian White Mosaic


Asian White Mosaic is a premium natural marble with light white vein. The dimension of most Asian White mosaic set is 12x12 inch, and the thickness is 3/8 inch. Most of Asian White mosaics would produce with polished finish. This process makes Asian White marble brighter.


Since the bright and clean surface, many customers of Excelstone applied Asian White mosaic in bathroom which is the way to bring fresher visual effect in their house.


Asian White Basketweave Mosaic


Basketweave Mosaic Set


Basketweave is a classical design of mosaic sets. Usually basketweave will include 2 different kinds of mosaics or 1 kind of mosaic with 2 different size. 


Asian White mosaic basketweave set here consist of Asian White mosaic piece, 3.5cm, and small square Ice Blue, 1x1cm. The former has white texture, and the later has light blue.