A Tiny Mosaic – Bianco Carrara Square 5/8x5/8″ Polished Mosaic
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  • December 18, 2017

Bianco Carrara Tiny Mosaic


Bianco Carrara Mosaic is an exclusive mosaic collection includes many size of  marble mosaic products. Some people may say it is better to choose bigger size from them, but other people like tiny Bianco Carrara mosaic more.


Tiny Bianco Carrara mosaic would bring an elegant feeling for your bathroom. That is why people dress up their bathroom by small Bianco Carrara mosaics not only for wall but also for floor.

Bianco Carrara Square 5/8x5/8″ Polished White Mosaic


5/8x5/8″ Square Polished White Mosaic


5/8x5/8 inch is the size Excelstone offered for customers who preferred tiny Bianco Carrara mosaics. 


Bianco Carrara is the natural marble quarried from Italy and used in decoration interior and exterior all over the world. If you have never try this kind of white marble in your house, Excelstone recommends 5/8x5/8″ square polished Bianco Carrara mosaics for you. Because square is the most classical shape and polished finish makes your space brightening.