300x406mm – the right size of Starlight Antique Limestone Tile
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  • November 22, 2017

Size of Starlight Limestone


Excelsotn offer you Starlight Limestone tiles with great quality, but the question for you is how to choose right size for specific install requirement. 300x406mm is a size that meets common application requirements.


People installed Starlight limestone tiles on walls or floors. 300x406mm provided you more possible installation place such as swimming pool because the size is easy to apply.


300x406mm – the right size of Starlight Antique Limestone Tile



Tumbled Antique Limestone Tiles


Tumbled Starlight tile has antique face which made it became more and more popular now. Some people tracking fashion but the other love vintage. For those retro design fans antique limestone tile is the best choose if they want to redecorate their home.


Excelstone have 300x406mm tumbled antique Starlight limestone tiles to sold, and also provide customized size service. If you want to see more size or more types of Starlight limestone tiles, please visit Excelstone official website. Here you will know why choose Excelstone Antique Starlight Tumbled Limestone Tile.