Antique Starlight Tiles and Packing of Them
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  • November 22, 2017

Antique Starlight Tile


Antique Starlight Tile is the one of best sales of Excelstone. From Excelstone, a great international tiles and mosaics supplier, you will hear that Starlight antique tumbled tiles is a choice would never wrong.


Starlight antique tiles would be a good ideal in interior building because more and more people like antique style in their house. Antique tiles have a tumbled face which is different from polished tiles, and is the reason why it brings vintage feel.


Antique Starlight Tiles and packing of them



Packing of Antique Tiles


Packing of antique tile is quite difficult because it must be sure that avoid damage during transportation. Excelstone have professional workers and high-quality packing materials like boxes and wooden pallets.


After tightening, antique tiles are put face to face on the wooden pallets and then send to the containers.


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